Blockchain could give you that business acceleration.

But do you know how blockchain could help your business?

I’m just getting started

- not sure of my blockchain use case

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Give Your Business the Blockedge

Blockedge is an infrastructure automation platform that lets your business focus on the use case without having to worry about the complexities of the underlying technology.

  • A no-code platform to realize your use case through instant prototyping and iteration
  • Choose from multiple clouds and blockchain networks to deploy your finalized use cases
  • Manage your blockchain applications via intuitive user interfaces
  • Connect dApps with your existing IT through integration accelerators
  • Scale your blockchain network without straining your backend resources

Why Blockedge?


Blockedge gives you the ability to previsualize your application and demonstrate proof of value to stakeholders. dApplets is a rapid prototyping studio to create, iterate, and finalize blockchain use cases.

Set up Your Network in Minutes

You can get your dApps up and running in minutes. Set up nodes, create smart contracts, and customize from a wide choice of cloud providers and blockchain networks in a few clicks.

Zero-code Frameworks

The UI-driven platform needs no coding prerequisites to run and manage your blockchain networks.

Hassle-free Platform Integration

Blockedge’s proprietary integration accelerator, Glu enables a frictionless data passage between present enterprise systems and blockchain applications via APL calls and XML schemas.

Automated Network Management

As your dApp grows in scope, you can add nodes at the click of a button without having to strain or scale your technical resources.

Scalable Blockchains

Backed by a highly scalable microservices architecture, Blockedge is designed for large-scale high-performance enterprise blockchains.