Blockedge as a company is in the business of building blockchain applications tied to specific use-cases of your organization. Technically speaking, Blockedge represents a suite of products and services that runs on a Baas (Blockchain as a Service) platform, facilitating easier adoption of the technology, effective implementation of the framework, seamless integration with existing networks, creating business impact in the short run, and subsequent business transformation in the long run. From a customer standpoint, Blockedge represents a one-stop solution for all blockchain needs of an organization.

Blockchain is a foundational technology that is still in its nascency. Nevertheless, it has come a long way from being an infrastructure for crypto transactions. Now we see the emergence of enterprise blockchain solutions progressing from prototypes through production to large-scale deployments. At Blockedge, we help you accelerate this blockchain journey. Right from identifying the use-cases, building rapid prototypes, implementing and integrating solutions at scale, Blockedge offers you the convenience of zero-coding applications that are easily deployed and managed through simplified user interfaces.

Counterfeits have long learned to live within traditional traceable systems. A primary reason being the inability of these systems to effectively prove the counterfeit origins. When and where the counterfeit occurred could sometimes take days to be inspected on a global supply chain network. On the other hand, traceable systems run on blockchain technology ensure that every movement of goods from procurement through distribution to delivery is recorded as an immutable transaction on the blockchain ledger. What this effectively means is that the records cannot be tampered with leaving no room for any forced or unforced errors. Also, Blockchain presents a single source of truth shared with all the authorized participants in the network, ensuring companies foolproof their products’ quality along the supply chain.

Small companies and bigger corporations alike can benefit from the Blockedge platform. With Blockedge there is no strain or the need for additional resources since the proposition comes from our ability to give blockchain solution as a plug & play offering. Leave it to Blockedge to help set up a fully automated network, integrated with your existing applications. Control applications through a simple UI and quickly deploy networks at scale.

A blockchain has an innate ability to function as a secure and accountable tool for business. The distributed nature of data would mean that there is no single point of failure unlike in centralized systems where there would be a central authority governing/gate-keeping the data. Also, Blockchains are inherently resistant to data modification. Once a data transaction has been approved and recorded, editing/deleting the data is simply not possible. Trying to alter a piece of information in a blockchain would necessitate an impossible effort to modify the entire blockchain. Because every participant node contains the entire copy of the blockchain, data integrity is always kept to the highest standards.

Transparency is another inherent blockchain feature. You can achieve varying degrees of transparency as per your organization’s demands. But does it come at the cost of privacy? Not necessarily. What is transparent is the transaction. Every transaction recorded is public within the blockchain. But the data transacted is innately secure and private. Also, blockchains employ cryptography to secure transactions between users. A permissioned blockchain entails only known and authorized participants. The nodes of the participants assume a public and private key. The public key is a pseudonym of a particular participant in the network. It is impossible to decipher the private key from a public key. Using a private key, you can make transactions verified by all the participants in the network. The presence of smart contracts means that certain transactions can occur whenever certain conditions are met without the need for any human intervention.

The owners establish the governance model in Blockedge. They can decide on what consensus protocols should govern their blockchain network. The rules of smart contracts can be established prior and laid out to all the participants in the network. The secure, transparent, authenticated transactions can run automated eliminating arbitrary decision-making across the network.

Blockchain adoption cannot happen in silos. As much as they must be interoperable with other blockchain networks in the future, the blockchain network of today must connect and communicate with multiple IT infrastructures to realize business impacts in the short run. Blockedge’s blockchain glue serves as an API tool to connect to existing IT networks at ease.

In the case of an existing dApp, the blockchain glue integrates your dApp with the blockchain network. You can as well use Blockedge’s dApplet Studio to build newer decentralized applications.

Blockedge offering also includes an integration tool to help seamlessly connect with existing IT networks; can be customized to function on a project-by-project basis.

One of the primary merits of using Blockedge is its ability to quickly deploy dApp that involves zero-coding. Blockedge’s rapid prototyping studio ensures that you build logic directly from the user interface. You can create smart contracts with or without the use of tools such as truffle studio, create a repository of distributed applications, and accelerate your business transformation journey all through a simplified plug & play Blockchain offering.

Our core objective is to make the blockchain network more accessible for the end-users. Blockedge platform entails zero-coding and is UI-driven. You can ideate use-cases, build logic, create nodes, manage networks and deploy distributed applications directly from the user interface.

Yes. Blockedge is cloud-agnostic, compatible with a host of public cloud services, including AWS, Azure Google cloud, and IBM cloud.

Instead of relying on a central authority for secure transactions with other users, blockchain technology uses innovative consensus protocols on a network of nodes to verify transactions. Using the blockchain, sensitive data can be protected by providing a decentralized form of data storage. This approach will lead to an overall increase in the trust and integrity of the data transmitted through the blockchain. Using the full functionality of encryption technology, data transmission can be protected from access by intruders, whether an individual or an organization.

With Blockedge, any blockchain-based application can be built. In the case of the automotive industry, blockchain solutions for track and trace in the supply chain, vehicle identity, driver and vehicle data management, connected mobility, auto insurance claims management, payments and many more can be developed based on the requirement.

Blockedge can help enterprises to build blockchain solutions for a variety of supply chain applications such as real-time traceability, provenance tracking, automated payments, and many more. Using Blockedge for supply chain applications will help improve efficiency, save cost, improve security and ensure transparency.

Blockchain technology can be used to automate verification and payments in the claims settlement process, saving time and administrative costs. Using blockchain technology also enables insurers and reinsurers to share and manage data like digital evidence for underwriting faster and with a high level of security.