Enhanced multi-party collaboration

Enhanced multi-party collaboration

Built on the concept of distributed ledger technology, blockchain ensures that every node of the member network has updated information which increases the transparency in transactions and reduces the chaos of working together.

Improved data security and privacy

Improved data security and privacy

Transparency doesn’t mean you let go of your business intelligence and competitive knowledge. Encrypted blocks keep data security intact which allows you to share business information with confidence and collaborate securely.

Simplified audit traceability

Simplified audit traceability

Forget the paper trail you need to rummage for audit-proof and identity or part verification. Maintaining an immutable record of activities on enterprise blockchain makes it easy to run audit processes and fight fraud.


Switch gears to a blockchain-powered vehicle data management

Connected vehicles, telematics, sensors, predictive maintenance, and fleet management result in petabytes of data which when stored on a blockchain network ushers in transparency and security of critical vehicle information.

  • Blockedge Consent-driven data sharing in telematics
  • Blockedge Automobile lease tracking
  • Blockedge Driving behavior tracking to incentivize/penalize drivers
  • Blockedge Automobile insurance claims management
  • Blockedge Vehicle maintenance data management
  • Blockedge DLT-based vehicle ownership and maintenance history
Supply chain and logistics

Say yes to transparent supply chains

Information silos within a value chain hinder the organization from meeting customer expectations and satisfying sustainability-aware consumers. Blockchain logistics solutions allow multiple stakeholders like suppliers, shippers, transporters, and consignees to collaborate and record data which drives the overall process efficiency.

  • Blockedge Better traceability of product lifecycle
  • Blockedge Increased supply chain visibility
  • Blockedge Streamlined audit and payment processes

Is blockchain right for my business case?

The possibilities of utilizing blockchain are limitless in any industry. But blockchain isn’t the answer to every problem. Take this short interactive test to see if the blockchain use case on your mind can be formulated.

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