Introducing Blockedge: Scalable Blockchain Networks for Enterprises

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Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of ‘Blockedge,’ an end-to-end blockchain infrastructure management platform designed to help enterprises build and scale blockchains faster.

We all know that blockchain is one of the most exciting inventions after the Internet and cloud computing and is poised to make big waves in the global marketplace. It has moved beyond cryptocurrency applications, has entered the mainstream conversation, and is likely to revolutionize the way we live and work.

We see varying levels of cross-industry use cases emerging around blockchain. Having come across blockchain’s extensive applications in several sectors such as finance, pharma, supply chain, manufacturing, automotive, etc., we can certainly count on this disruptive technology. With its decentralized, immutable, and trustless nature, blockchain technology can help your business with better transparency, enhanced security, and easier traceability of data being shared across a business network.

Powering enterprises to a future shaped by blockchain

Now, for those who are wondering why we launched Blockedge or how can it deliver value to enterprises, here’s a little background to the inside story!

While the buzz around blockchain is growing, we realized many enterprises are less far down the adoption path and are reluctant to take the leap. Even a recent report revealed that over 65% of enterprises find complexities in implementation as the biggest barrier to its adoption followed by the lack of governing clarity. As a Chief Growth Officer, looking at the numbers, I could see how implementing and managing a blockchain network is still a pressing adoption challenge for many small and big enterprises.

As enterprises are gearing up to embark on their blockchain journey, we realized that many of them are approaching blockchain as a new entity in their IT landscape. But based on our experience, we believe, this approach is significantly costly and extremely complex to execute, which stops them from getting their arms around the technology. So, as a detour from this approach, we treated blockchain as a ‘holistic’ network with the ability to seamlessly connect and share the required data across multiple cloud platforms.

Moreover, enterprises are challenged with building decentralized networks while ensuring the optimal functioning, reliability, and primarily the security of the entire infrastructure and the data it holds. With the core mission to solve these complexities, we went back to the drawing board to reimagine the way blockchain is adopted. Our roadmap has been strategized for building an end-to-end platform on which scalable blockchain solutions can be rapidly developed. So, we built ‘Blockedge,’ a no-code blockchain management platform designed to simplify and advance your enterprise’s blockchain adoption.

Also, I often come across a few common questions like, “how to get blockchain right?” “How to design the right IT integration strategy?” “How to best leverage smart contracts to redefine your business value proposition?” My answer, Blockedge!

Yes, Blockedge is a 360° platform/framework for all things blockchain – from building robust blockchain solutions and integrating them with existing IT infrastructure to delivering a robust multi-cloud strategy while ensuring uninterrupted security and compliance.

Blockedge: From inception to execution

It all started when a visionary healthcare client of our parent company – SecureKloud Technologies approached us to implement a blockchain solution for one of their use cases. With our expertise in pioneering new-age technologies, this was an opportunity that we didn’t want to pass on. So, we decided to go ahead and build a solution, not just for the client but for all enterprises who wished to simplify the complexities around blockchain adoption.

Though we were pioneers in cloud technology, building a blockchain network from the scratch was a real struggle. This forced us to build a readily usable, all-in-one blockchain framework that unravels the complexity of enterprise blockchain transformation — and that laid the foundation for Blockedge.

With Blockedge, enterprises can significantly reduce development and deployment time, thereby dramatically lowering operational costs.

Blockedge – Reimagining the future of enterprise blockchains

What if we say blockchains can be implemented as easily as a plug-and-play mechanism? Yes, you heard it right! By mitigating all adoption complexities, Blockedge enables enterprises to save their time and effort on business use cases rather than deployment and management challenges. Some of its key differentiators are:

  • Zero code deployment – It requires no coding to add nodes and form a network in just a few clicks.
  • UI-driven infrastructure management – Fully automated infrastructure operations through dashboards help to manage your blockchain network.
  • Multi-cloud and multi-platform support – Allow choosing from a list of leading blockchain and cloud platforms as per your specific blockchain requirements.
  • Tight governance and security – Continual code and security patch updates to fortify your blockchain network in all layers.
  • Blockedge Glu – This development accelerator allows you to integrate your existing IT infrastructure with the blockchain network.
  • dApplet – This productivity accelerator enables rapid prototyping and drastically shortens deployment times.

Wherever you are in your enterprise blockchain journey, we will help you move forward. Right from being a trusted advisory consultant in helping get started on the blockchain journey to being a technology partner facilitating blockchain infrastructure management, Blockedge is all that you need for a hassle-free blockchain adoption. I can’t wait to see what the future in blockchain holds for our clients.

Kumar Guru

Chief Growth Officer

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